Name: Craig Ferguson
Country: Taiwan / Australia
Specialty: Travel, Culture, Portraiture, News

Brief Bio:
Craig Ferguson is a freelance photographer in Taiwan who specializes in travel photography, cultural photography and environmental photography. He is available for assignment and location work worldwide.

Phottix Gear Used:
Phottix Odin
Phottix Strato
Phottix Atlas
Phottix BG-5DII Battery Grip
External flash battery pack
Double-small collapsible umbrella
Easy-Up softbox
Bounce cards
Craig says: Whether shooting a circus for an NGO in Nepal or portraits of the CEO for a multinational in Taiwan, I always reach for my Phottix gear. It’s proven itself time and time again to be reliable and allows me to get the job done efficiently and successfully.

Website: www.craigfergusonimages.com
facebook: facebook/com.craigfergusonimages
twitter: twitter.com/cfimages

Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson

Name: Maggie Sung
Country: Taiwan
Specialty: Fashion / Portraiture / Pre-Wedding

Brief Bio:
Maggie uses her sensibility to interpret every memorable moment and feels with her lens. Creative, natural and elegant are the most elements she implanted in her photos. Always pursuing various themes and nimble lights using to make her progressively improved. She gained the honor of 2012 NYC4PA (New York Center for Photographer Art) award and now is the director of VILA STUDIO and the member of WPPI.

Phottix Gear Used:
Phottix Mitros TTL Flash for Canon, Phottix Strato II for Canon, Photttix Para-Pro Reflective Umbrella, Phottix Beauty Dish with Grid and Diffuser, Phottix 2 in 1 Softbox With Grid (91x122cm)

Maggie says: In my perspective, the Light is like a language of the photographer.

When a photographer’s language skill is getting more proficient then the expression of the works will be more and more fascinating.

Phottix provided the extremely surprising Light texture for its photoflash; moreover, combine with Phottix’ diverse Light-controlling accessories to allow the camera build-in photoflash also to be able to easily depict vividly in abundant pictures and lighting… Besides that, the portable design greatly increases the convenience of the photographing.

website: www.maggiesung.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vilastudio

Maggie Sung

Maggie Sung

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